Limited Edition Red Studio Beats by Dr. Dre

Note: This is a product review of my purchase of a Studio Beats over an online shop. 
              The following are photos of the actual product, courtesy of "yours truly". 

What more can I say? How much happier could I be with Beats? I just got my new RED Beats by Dr. Dre from Mr. Glenn Ente of . Let me express my thanks to his partner, Ms. Kriesha Moratin, who helped in making this transaction a success. The red Studio Beats headphones are 100% Authentic. I even checked the serial online and this is how it went. 
Tried and tested. SERIAL# -verified- ORIGINAL from the official site of Beats by Dr. Dre.
Sound engineering has never been this good. 
Simply the best. Simply high above the rest. 
Sound so pure, so crisp, you could just hear every detail of the music you listen to. Artists, music producers and sound engineers work at their best to provide you the best, in every measure of the music they make, for us to appreciate. You deserve to hear it the way it is supposed to sound like. You deserve Beats.
With so many counterfeit cases over the net, earning trust in buying and selling original/authentic items is somehow jeopardized. Lucky you if you happen to meet the right one, and if you get to purchase what you really want. I'm not saying that you can't find honest people over online stores. What I'm trying to point out it is that we ought to be VERY CAREFUL in choosing the right sellers/buyers in transacting over the net. Scammers do exist. Bogus-buyers/sellers do exist. There are people out there who're committed to fool you and rip-off your money for their benefit. They're too lazy to work hard to earn their own money. 

I, myself, got tangled into this kind of situation just last Christmas. And I know, it's kinda embarrassing to say this, but that scammer got almost 6000 pesos from me. To top it all, I even gave him/her a tip for the shipment. Earlier that day, so many circumstances bumped into my way, as if, trying to pull me out of that situation I committed myself into. My bad. Regretfully, I did not heed that warning and was not wise enough to comprehend the intertwined logic of what was happening back then. Past is past. I've learned from it. So, don't be like me, okay. Just being concerned here :)
BEWARE OF FAKE BEATS! There are many sellers claiming that they're offering you authentic Beats. Before you know it , you've been fooled! Choose who to transact with. Know the serial and search for other tips on how to check the authenticity of the of Beats your going to purchase. There are so many of these stuffs over the net. You just need a click. 
First question: Why are Beats costly? It is because of its quality, comfort and style, molded into a one of a kind, highly indispensable unit. The secret is the technology. That's what made it famous across the globe. International artists and celebrities like Keri Hilson, Eminem, P.Diddy, Justin Beiber, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga,  Kanye West, Kobe Bryant and many more, own these babies.
FYI on BEATS: Did you know that because of so many counterfeit cases, famous buy and sell sites such as and, made it to the BLACKLIST of Beats? Learn more about the sellers from these sites . Be wise to  avail only the original. 
 Second question: Why go for the ORIGINAL if you can buy an OEM, CLASS A or REPLICA that sounds almost the same as the original? Firstly, it MAY sound the same but NOT the same. Secondly, it may look the same but it is not durable as the real one. A fake is a fake. Nothing beats the original when it comes to quality, style and comfort. Yes, you will spend more but it's worth it. 

The OEMs cost half the price or even lesser than the original but you might spend for another one after your first purchase. These Beats copies do not ensure quality nor provide warranty like the real ones do. As a result, they have a diminishing quality when it comes to the performance of the product in the days to come. Yes. Reviews show that these fake Beats look good and cost less but have poor quality. Why waste money on a fake Beats? Go for the ORIGINAL. With genuine quality, you can never go wrong. Trust the original.
Nothing beats the ORIGINAL Beats.  
----End of product review----
Appended: December 30, 2011

Additional pictures for proof of purchase.

 I haven't put the copyright mark yet on my photos I'm currently on a vacation. Just cropped and blurred the contact and billing details from the raw photos I have. I'm sorry I cannot make it available for viewing, for security purposes.

What I value the most are people who are true to every word they say. I value diligence and honesty as much as I value honor and pride. For whatever you do, creates an image that embarks meaning in the lives of the people you come across with. You may not be famous and wealthy as those who made it in the books, but you have something you hold on to, that earns you a spot better than what's in the books. You earn a spot in the clouds above:) And trust me, with the honesty and goodness you show to everyone, you magnificently clothe yourself in honor. That is your pride. That is glory for you. 

No matter who you are, always keep these wise words in mind, "Whatever you do unto others shall be done unto you". You reap what you sow. So be nice, keep your cool and keep your moral high. May He send you His legion of angels to watch over you and your entire family. To God be the glory. God bless. Mabuhay. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Victum One of Thousand
12/28/2011 20:04

Point Given.... still shows no proof of purchase from the seller. It's considered an illigal transaction without a official receipt from BIR of Philippines. Saw the LBC bag " Noted " self opion with no facts.... sounds impressive but yet no facts given pointless !

12/30/2011 23:55

I don't see the point of having a receipt from BIR when you purchase online. Have you purchased online before? You should be aware that online sellers are not taxed, that's one of the perks of selling online. I haven't seen anyone issue out a BIR receipt for online sales. So, why would they issue a BIR receipt for mine? It's ridiculous to issue a BIR receipt if you are not taxed anyway. I'm lucky to have found an honest seller. Just a thought :)

09/21/2012 04:49

oh my ms fajardo. it is very unfortunate that you have been scammed. your hard earned money has gone to a waste. as victum has pointed, there is no proof that the seller is selling an authentic item. registering it in the website is pointless as you can register anything on that site. as evidence on the comment of drikmarky on this site for the items. actual pictures taken.

Victim One of Thousand
12/28/2011 20:38

Be more detailed in regards to facts in your conclusion, main idea and supporting paragraphs. Just a thought.

12/31/2011 00:25

Thanks for your comments, duly appreciated. With regards to everything written above, I did not write it professionally as I do for my article writing part-time work. I like things more informal for my own blog. :) I don't want to be reminded of my work. I gotta step out of the box from time to time, you know? Anyway, this is not official, and I did this topsy-turvey review just for support. A humble opinion, per se. I just want to give proof to my recent purchase last Dec.26 from this seller, that's why I decided to hit the keys a bit. Anyway, here are additional pictures for proof. If it's still not convincing, then there's nothing else I can do. I know I can't please everybody but I'm doing this blog for free because I feel like doing it from the bottom of my heart. I owe them an honest and smooth-sailing transaction.

But thanks for the comments by the way, it took part of your time reading it. I appreciate that :) Just my opinion, nothing more. Here's a toast to the New Year. And as we say it in Spanish, "Vamos a brindar por la amistad. Feliz año nuevo. Salud!". :D

Soul Gamer
01/02/2012 16:11

hi just dropped by, i also purchased one studio from glenn, at masasabi ko, madali talga syang kausap! haha.. magandang xmas gift yan for ourselves. ang astig pala ng red(actually red and black combination swabe talga, hehe) ung akin kase is white, pero astig din.. hehe

01/07/2012 09:51

Oo nga e, ang cool din ng white. Kaso favorite color ko red tsaka nakita ko sa video ni Jojo - Disaster yan eh, ehehe. It's the perfect Christmas gift for me talaga. Ganda ng Beats, you just can feel the difference from other headphones, tas ang porma rin. As for glenn and kriesha, they're really good sellers, very true to every word they say. Mura na benta nila, 100% authentic pa. Kaya marami galit sa kanila, eh, inggit ;)

Soul Gamer
01/07/2012 12:30

haha sinabi mo pa....ganda nga pangporma talga astig.tsaka ganda din ng tunog, ang mahal naman kase sa mall, 22k.kala ko dati pangarap lang, nagulat ako nabili ko after 2 mos lang hahaha!

01/10/2012 07:48

Wow. Congrats! Good for you. I hope Glenn and Kriesha can bring more smiles with their affordable and authenthic beats by dr. dre. I hope there are more testimonies like this. Cheers!

01/17/2012 07:23

I like the updated blog and understand your point of view... Great detail.. hope this helps the sellers. It's always a trust issue diba? Not always easy to find trust worthy people. Especially when it comes to money. Happy New Year 2012 din.


01/20/2012 09:43

Thanks for your comment., I appreciate it very much. It's always the "trust issue" that keeps getting in the way. That's why I'm trying to help everyone with this awesome transaction I had. You're, sure to save a lot. No scams or whatsoever. That's all. Thanks again ng marami Kim, Godbless. Happy New Year!!;-)

03/05/2012 23:37

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04/18/2012 10:17

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